Don Xhoni - Katile (Video)

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Song Title: Don Xhoni - Katile

Don Xhoni - Katile new Official Video Song. Music produced by Songwriter Celik Lipa and lyrics author is the famous singer Don Xhoni. All Rights Reserved by AVD Digital and Gjoni Black. Almost every song of his has become a hit so far. On the first day of its release, it received almost two million views on YouTube within 24 hours. While getting close to a million views every day for the following days. This song took the first places at the beginning of the Albanian music hits charts hitet e reja shqip. It is one of the most popular songs during the summer season. It seems that this song is the first version of the film while it is expected soon to continue with the second part of the film. For any information we have about version 2, we will keep you informed.

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